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2022 Victorian State Election

The RMIT Journalism Society and RMITV collaborated to produce a live coverage of the 2022 Victorian State Election, during which I was a reporter situated in the CBD.

Reporting from the CBD, I executed multiple live-crosses. As this was an entirely student-managed project and we were short on volunteers, I did this process alone - sourcing locations; setting up the camera and tripod; researching relevant information; presenting to the live camera and interacting with the desk on call.

Package at Virgin Mary Mosque

Prior to election day, I produced a package with the RMITV camera crew at the Virgin Mary Mosque in Hoppers Crossing.  We were welcomed by the Mosque's Imam and his son Bakr Hawari of the My Vote Matters initiative. I had the pleasure of interviewing them both, along with members of the community, about the issues that were most important to them during the election.

Interview with Lucas Hyatt at the Koorie Heritage Trust

On Election Day, I visited the Koorie Heritage Trust where I had the pleasure of interviewing a member of their staff about the issues that were important to him and his community during election time. 

Vox Pop Interviews in the CBD

As the last hours to vote dawned, I was joined by RMITV camera crew to interview voters in the CBD. We asked what issues they wanted to see addressed and what they thought of the 2022 campaign. 

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