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ACICIS Journalism Professional Practicum

In January 2023, I completed a six-week intensive program in Jakarta, Indonesia. The first two weeks involved daily Bahasa language classes, seminars and tutorials hosted by some of the country's leading media professionals. The remaining four weeks of the program were spent interning at a local media organisation.


I had the pleasure of being hosted by Amnesty International Indonesia for my work experience. Under the guidance of my mentor, I learnt mostly from the campaigning team but was warmly welcomed by everyone in the office. I attended meeting with other NGOs and a focus group discussion with activists and victims of human rights abuses. 

Now, having returned to Australia, I am still working on projects that utilise the knowledge and skillset I have gained on this incredible opportunity. Having mainly learnt about the recent changes to the Indonesian criminal code, I am writing an article that about how this new law impacts the Australia-Indonesia relationship and whether we should be trying to help our neighbours in the fight to protect their human rights. I will also be organising a fundraiser for Jakarta Legal Aid, an NGO that is working incredibly hard on the ground in Indonesia.

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